Nikki Bruno Clapper, Editor & Writer

“If I were to build my dream editor from scratch—well, I wouldn’t have to, because there’s Nikki Clapper. She’s everything an author needs and wants: highly skilled, thorough, professional, dependable, kind, and cool under fire. With more than 70 books in print, I’ve worked with plenty of editors in my career, but very few are in Nikki’s class. I can always trust that in her capable hands my work will shine. She is, simply, the best!”

—Trudi Strain Trueit, children’s book author

“On the projects we worked on together, Nikki’s feedback was thorough, with as much attention to detail as to the overall picture. At the same time, she was positive and affirming in her suggestions and clear in her instructions. She is a friendly and supportive editor who is a pleasure to work with.”

—Dana Meachen Rau, children’s book author

“Nikki has a knack for polishing words, but she does not stop with this shine. She stretches words to their fullest potential. Not once diluting the meaning of my work, she both simplified and amplified all that I had written, a true partner in the creative process. In the end, Nikki’s influence made me a better writer.”

—Erika Alexia Tsoukanelis,
author & journalist

What my clients are saying . . .

“I have worked with Nikki for more than ten years. Her editorial skills are unparalleled, whether project managing, copyediting, or proofreading. Nikki approaches all her projects with enthusiasm and professionalism. No matter the subject matter, she brings insightfulness and intuitiveness to all her work. She is my ‘go-to’ editorial professional!”

—Christine Florie, executive editor, Marshall Cavendish

“A book project of any size requires persistence, focus, and clearly stated goals. Nikki brought each of these qualities to my project and did so with professionalism and enthusiasm. Her skill as both an editor and production facilitator served as an essential guiding light toward our shared success.”

—James Holter, nonfiction
book author

“Nikki was invaluable to us as a managing editor. Her attention to detail allowed us to concentrate on production and design with the confidence that all aspects of editorial were being taken care of. Nikki’s quick turnaround kept long-term projects going at a fast pace that allowed us to turn out large series of quality books in a timely manner. We would/will hire Nikki again in a heartbeat!”

—Mary Francis McGavic, project director, The Creative Spark

“Nikki is an exceptional editor who brings creativity as well as intelligence to everything she undertakes. Her reliability and high standards of excellence make her an asset on any project. She is an outstanding resource for assessing, developing, and editing manuscripts across all disciplines and reading levels. Additionally, she is a pleasure to work with in every way.” 

—Dina Rubin, former managing editor, Scholastic Library Publishing

“Nikki Clapper is a skilled, reliable, and careful copy editor. The nonfiction pieces she has copy edited for The Dana Foundation have benefited significantly from her work. I strongly recommend her.”

—Johanna Goldberg, public information officer and editor,
The Dana Foundation

“I thought my book was ready for the printer. Then Nikki edited it. After that it was really ready. Print runs are expensive. Once the words are on the page there is no turning back. None of my books go to press without Nikki giving them a final polish.”

—Jim Dongweck, children’s book author

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