Nikki Bruno Clapper, Editor & Writer

I provide the following editorial services:

Combing your text with ever-narrowing teeth . . .

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Materials I edit:

  1. Books

  2. Articles

  3. Web content

  4. Instructional materials

  5. Booklets

  6. Newsletters

  7. Pamphlets

  8. Editorials

  9. Annual Reports

  10. Corporate communication

  11. Letters

  12. Scholarly journals

  13. Presentations

  1. Developmental Editing: Providing feedback on structure, coherence, organization, repetition, voice, tone, and other big-picture issues.

  2. Copyediting: Editing sentence
    by sentence to improve clarity, grammar, consistency, word choice, usage, mechanics, and organization within a paragraph.

  3. Manuscript Evaluation & Critique: Commenting on a manuscript’s overall strengths, weaknesses, prospects for publication, and success in achieving the writer’s goals.

  1. Proofreading: Doing a final read to catch errors of every possible kind. The goal is to make the text ready for press.

  2. Project Management & Manuscript Acquisition: Shepherding a publication from contract to bound book.

  3. Writing: I am open to many different kinds of writing projects, from textbook instruction to book proposals to family memoirs to book reviews. Please contact me
    to discuss your needs.

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