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The moment you decide to share a piece of writing with the world is the moment you need an editor. This is true of every writer, no matter how accomplished.

Editing is much more than crossing a t or dotting an i. It is a critical, creative part of the writing and publishing process. Simply put, editors make you look good. They improve every aspect of your writing without changing your style.

  1. you are going to publish your writing or share it with any wider audience.

  2. you wonder if your writing is publishable.

  3. you struggle with idea development, organization, structure, or repetition.

  4. you struggle with grammar and mechanics.

  1. an agent or in-house editor has requested that you revise and resubmit your manuscript.

  2. you are searching for help, motivation, and support from someone within the publishing industry.

Every writer needs an editor.

Contact me to learn more about the editorial process.

Can I just edit my own writing?

Only to a point. Nobody can edit his or her own work to an absolute publishable state; even the best editors need another pair of eyes.

Is an editor really worth the money?

A good editor is absolutely worth the money. She makes your writing noticeable, publishable, and profitable.

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